The history of volunteering

The tradition of volunteering exists in Russia since ancient times. Today, volunteer associations are actively involved in the preparation and conduct of important social, cultural and sporting events around the world.

In the Sverdlovsk region the development of sports volunteering started in 2012, when the volunteer center UrFU "Volunteers of the Urals" has been created.

The participants of the volunteers movement in Ekaterinburg. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.

An important step in the development of sports volunteering was when our city was a stage in a torch relay of the XXVII World Summer Universiade and the following participation of our team in a large number of 269 volunteers in global student competition in Kazan.

Sending the volunteers delegation off to the Universiade in Kazan. Photo by Volonteers Ural center.

Soon more than 1,000 Urals volunteers participated in the longest and ambitious National fire relay in the history of Olympic Games and Paralympic Torch Relay. Delegation in the amount of 413 people participated in the XXII Winter Olympic and XI Paralympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi.

The Olympic torch relay volunteers in Ekaterinburg. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.

"It was very nice to know that you're just a small piece of this great business, which in this case went to one of the most important roles - to adequately represent Russia and the Olympic Games throughout the world!" - Shared his impressions of the Olympic Games volunteer Alena Stolyarova.

The Olympic Games in Sochi. Photo by Voluteers Ural center.

In the summer of 2014 in Ekaterinburg held an outstanding event for all football fans – The International FIFA Fan Festival  , which has become a symbol of the official transfer of the football " relay baton" from Brazil to Russia. And, of course, the special role played in the organization of the festival volunteers.

The International International FIFA Fan Fest in Ekaterinburg. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.

In 2015 volunteers took part in several of the world's largest sporting events: the World Cup final at FINA World Championships Kazan and Handball Championships, held in Ekaterinburg.

Today, virtually no sporting, cultural and business event of the Sverdlovsk region does not pass without our volunteers. Each year, the center of the activists take part in organizing and conducting over 200 events of different orientation and scale from the social city-level projects to international sports events!

The volunteers when working at Cross-Industry Professions National Championship. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.

"Volunteering is an opportunity to try yourself at something new, find new friends, get new emotions" - says an activist from volunteer center of the Ural Federal University Darya Terekhova.

The volunteers at the main building of the Ural Federal University. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.

Today, each of you has a unique opportunity to join a friendly team of the FIFA 2018 World Cup volunteers in Russia.

Do not miss your chance! Join the volunteer team!

The participants of the volunteer movement in Ekaterinburg. Photo by Volunteers Ural center.