Stadium: Getting There


Surface transit

Alatyr Mall stop on Malysheva Street
 Bus: № 2, 25, 61, 64

Tokarey St. stop on Tokarey Street
 Bus: № 26, 38, 43, 61, 85, 95, 06, 083

Kommunarov Sq. stop on Lenina Avenue

 Автобусы: № 21, 27, 28, 48, 043, 045, 052

Dvorets Molodyozhi Culture Centre stop
 Tram: № 3, 6, 10, 13, 21, 23, 27

Alatyr Mall stop on Malysheva Street
 Tram: № 10, 15, 26, 27

 Square of 1905 Metro Station



В Due to traffic restrictions during the World Cup, when ordering a taxi to the Stadium please give the driver the following address: Square of 1905. The distance to Ekaterinburg Arena is 1.5 km (15-20 min on foot). 

Taxi service “Yandex”+ 7 (343) 266-66-66;
Classes: Economy, comfort, comfort +, business, children 

You can pay by your credit card via app. Total price is calculated in advance in the app or, if you order via phone , told by manager. The price can be changed due to expectation time and additional tariffs that are mentioned in the

Yandex.Taxi App



Personal vehicles

 Parking facilities at the Stadium’s surrounding area are reserved for vehicles with accreditation only.

Spectators arriving by personal vehicles are advised to use intercept parking (Park & Ride) facilities.

Routes and schedule of shuttles

Park & Ride facilities served by free shuttle buses on Match Days


 Park & Ride “MEGA Mall”
Located in the western suburban part of the city, at the MEGA Mall premises. Enter the parking from highway P-242 (highway “Perm — Ekaterinburg”), Metallurgov Street, or the bypass road.
 Address: 87 Metallurgov Street
 Park & Ride “Metro Cash&Carry”
Located in the eastern suburban part of the city, at the Metro Cash&Carry premises. Enter the parking from Sibirskiy Highway Double.
Address: 21 Sibirskiy Highway Double.

Park & Ride facilities served by the city public transport


 Park & Ride “O’Key Hypermarket”
Located in the northern part of the city, at the O’Key Hypermarket premises. Enter the parking from the north using Shefskaya Street and Frontovykh Brigad Street.
 Address: 2a Babushkina Street
From P&R to the Stadium From Voroshilovskaya St. to Pedagogical University by tram: № 2, 7, 14, 16, 17, 25 Then take the Metro from Mashinostroiteley Station to Square of 1905 Station.
 OR take tram № 2 from Voroshilovskaya st. to Dvorets Molodyozhi Culture Centre.

 Park & Ride “Botanicheskaya Metro Station”
Located in the southern part of the city, in the area adjacent to the northwestern exit from Botanicheskaya Metro Station, in front of Dirizhabl Shopping Centre. Enter the parking from Fuchika Street and Akademika Shvartsa Street.
From P&R to the Stadium:  Take the Metro from Botanicheskaya Station to Square of 1905 Station