Confederations Cup FIFA 2017
Confederations Cup FIFA 2017

From 17 June to 2 July, 2017 Russia will host another FIFA tournament– the Confederations Cup. 8 teams will participate: Russia as a host country of the 2018 FIFA World Cup, Germany as the current world champion, Australia as the winner of the 2015 Asia Cup, Chile as the winner of the 2015 Copa America, Mexica as the winner of play-off match between the winners of the 2013 and 2015 Golden CONCACAF Cup, New Zealand as the winner of the 2016 OFC Nations Cup and Portugal as the current champion of Europe. Another participating country will be determined only on February 5, 2017; it will be the national team who wins the African Cup of Nations.

The matches of Confederation Cup will be held on the stadiums of four cities. Kazan and Sochi will host semi-finals, Spartak Stadium in Moscow will host the semi-final for the third place match, and Saint Petersburg will host the first semi-final and final match of the cup.

Ticket categories

Private individuals will be offered four categories of tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 matches. Category 1 are the highest priced tickets located in prime areas within the Stadium. Categories 2 and 3 tickets are for the seats located outside of Category 1 area. Category 4 is a special afforable category reserved exclusively for the residents of Russia. To buy Category 4 tickets, you have to confirm your Russian resident status with official documents.

To understand which seats correspond to which categories, you can check out special diagrams for each stadium.

Stadium diagrams show the general distribution of seats in each category, but keep in mind that specific stadium seats are not permanenly linked to the specific category, and will be determined separately for each game. But don’t worry, even with such changes, you won’t be given a seat in a zone with cheaper tickets..

During the first three sales phases you won’t be able to know which specific seat corresponds to your ticket until you make the purchase. During the Last Minute Sales phase, information about seats will be available before purchase. You won’t be able to change your seat or return the tickets, but they can be offered for resale at the FIFA official online platform. If you submit a request for purchase of several tickets, the organizers will try to make sure that all members of the group are sitting next to each other, but this may not be possible during the Last Minute Sales phase. Keep in mind that the seats from different ticket applications can’t be next to each other.

Tickets for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 matches were first made available to the holders of VISA cards: exclusive pre-sale phase lasted from November 8 to November 17, 2016. The main phase of sales began on December 1, after preliminary official draw was held at Kazan.

VISA Pre-Sale: November 8-17, 2016
Random Selection Draw: December 1, 2016 - January 19, 2017
First Come First Served: March 1 - April 5, 2017
Last Minute Sales: April 19 - July 2, 2017

During Pre-Sale Phase, tickets were distributed among the clients on the first come, first served basis: sales specialists were working on applications in real time and sending immediate confirmations of purchase.

During the Random Selection Draw phase, anyone could submit a ticket application, and the date and time of application had no significant effect and offer no advantages. FIFA first collected all the applications, and only allocated the tickets after the phase was completed. If the number of applications for certain matches exceeded the number of available tickets, the tickets were allocated by random draw.

During the next stage, the date and the time of your application will be very important, as the tickets will be sold in real time, and the earliest applications will get the best tickets.

The last phase of sales will include both online sales and FIFA Ticketing Center sales in the Confederations Cup host cities. At this stage, the tickets will also be sold on the first come, first served basis.

Ticket purchase has to be confirmed by FIFA at any stage of the ticket sale: the association will send you a notification (by email, mail or hand-delivered) that the tickets were reserved for you.

Types of tickets

There are two types of tickets available: a ticket for a single game (IMT, Individual Match Ticket) or a ticket strip for the selected venue (VSTs, Venue Specific Ticket Series). VSTs tickets are sold for the group stage matches, semi-finals, third and forth place matches played at the chosen stadium, but to watch the final of FIFA Confederations Cup Russia 2017 you have to buy a separate IMT ticket.

Available VSTs:

Total matches: 4
Group Matches: 3
No. 3 Cameroon - Chile (June 18, 21:00 MSK)
No. 5 Russia - Portugal (June 21, 18:00)
No. 12 Chile - Australia (June 25, 18:00)
Match for Third Place: 1
Match No. 15

Saint Petersburg
Total matches: 3
Opening Match (Match No. 1): 1
No. 1 Russia - New Zealand (June 17, 18:00)
Group Matches (Matches No. 2 to 12): 3
No. 1 Russia - New Zealand (June 17, 18:00)
No. 7 Cameroon - Australia (June 22, 18:00)
No. 10 New Zealand - Portugal (June 24, 18:00)
No. 16: (July 2, 21:00): Not included

Total matches: 4
Group Matches: 3
No. Portugal - Mexico (June 18, 18:00)
No. 8 Germany - Chile (June 22, 21:00)
No. 9 Mexico - Russia (June 24, 18:00)
Semi-Final Matches: 1
No. 13 (June 28, 21:00)

Total matches: 4
Group Matches: 3
No. 4 Australia - Germany (June 19, 18:00)
No. 6 Mexico - New Zealand (June 21, 21:00)
No. 11 Germany - Cameroon (June 25, 18:00)
Semi-Final Matches: 1
No. 14 (June 29, 21:00)

Each ticket strip is for one person only. Altogether, you can order no more than six tickets per family per match, and one person can visit no more than 10 games. This means that altogether you can buy a maximum of 60 tickets per family. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to buy tickets to different games scheduled for the same day. It’s also forbidden to buy tickets to one game by submitting several applications.

Those who violate these rules and limitations risk cancellation of the already purchased and booked tickets. 20% of the tickets’ cost will be deducted from the rebate, and if cancellation takes place less than 48 hours prior to the game, there will be no refund at all.

Ticket prices

A price is set for each ticket category, and there are no discounts for age, so you will have to buy a separate full-price ticket for minors of any age. Category 1, 2 and 3 tickets cost between $70 and $250. Category 4 tickets, which are only available to the residents of Russia, start at 960 rubles.

Payment methods

During the VISA Pre-sale period, the only acceptable form of payment was a valid VISA payment card. During the Random Selection Draw and First Come First Served Sales Phases, it will be possible to pay for the tickets both by VISA cards and other payment methods. International bank transfers will be possible for non-Russian residents, using a downloadable Ticket Application form. During the Last Minute Sales Phase, cash purchases will be available, but only at the FIFA Ticketing Centers in the host cities.

If the tickets are not paid for in full, FIFA has a right to annul them and refund you the sum that was spent on the partial payment.

Please, keep in mind an important qualification: the tickets can only be paid for by persons who submit applications for their purchase. This means that you cannot use your friend’s, spouse’s or relative’s card to pay for the tickets if you were the one making the application. If you do so, your tickets will be annulled, 20% of the tickets’ cost will be deducted from the rebate, and if the annulment takes place less than 48 hours prior to the game, there will be no refund at all.

Return and ticket cancellation policy

Important information: you cannot exchange or return a ticket for any of the FIFA Confederations Cup matches. If you cannot make it to the game, your ticket can be put up for sale, but only use FIFA’s official platform for this. Such rules are put in place to prevent circulation of fake tickets and to enhance security at the matches.

For its part, FIFA has a right to fully or partially cancel your tickets if one of the purchase conditions was violated. This can happen if the client submitted incorrect information during the application/purchase period, or if the sales team discovers payment violations. In this case, 20% of the ticket’s cost will be deducted from the rebate, and there may be no refund at all if cancellation takes place less than 48 hours before the game date.

Tickets will also be cancelled if their owner violates the rules of conduct at the stadium or in the nearby areas: such visitors won’t be allowed into the stadium, or will be led away from the arena.

If the tickets were annulled, because the game itself was cancelled, FIFA will refund you the money, but association won’t compensate any additional costs, such as travel and hotel.

What is a Fan-ID and why you should get one

As required by Russian legislation, to get to the FIFA Confederations Cup match, you will need a per-sonalized visitor card, otherwise known as the fan-ID, in addition to your ticket. This name card is is-sued for each visitor and is obligatory for all ticket owners, including Russian residents and children. For the citizens of foreign states, the fan-ID also gives a right to visa-free entrance to Russia. You only have to get your fan-ID once, and use it for all the FIFA Confederations Cup matches along with your tickets.

How to buy your ticket

Only private individuals can buy tickets at the FIFA website. For companies and organizations FIFA offers hospitality packages, available to corporate clients.

To buy tickets for the 2017 FIFA Confederations Cup matches in Russia, first set up your account at the FIFA website. You can use your email address to do so or simply link your social media account to your login.

After logging into your account, you have to submit a ticket application. This process consists of several stages: you have to confirm your country of residence, agree to the terms and conditions of purchasing and using the tickets, as well as to the rules of conduct at the sta-dium, then choose a ticket or a set of tickets, enter your information, enter your guest’s information (if you’re buying more than one ticket), and confirm the purchase.

To submit a ticket application, you will need to fill out the following information about yourself and your guests:

name and last name;
date of birth;
passport number or other picture ID number, including for the children;
country of residence

The ordering customer also has to specify how he will pay for the tickets, and provide additional infor-mation:
mailing address for ticket delivery.
contact information (email, mobile and home phone numbers);
preferred language of correspondence.

The application has to be filled out in full, information has to be verifiable and submitted on time, oth-erwise the application may be denied or annulled. If you’re buying a ticket during the Random Selec-tion Draw phase, you can change or annul your application all through the last day of this phase. During the First Come First Served phase and the Last Minute Sales phase, no such opportunity will be availa-ble.

Ticket purchase has to be confirmed by FIFA at any stage of the ticket sale: the association will send you a notification (by email, mail or hand-delivered) that the tickets were reserved for you.

Getting your Fan-ID

If your Fan-ID application is approved, you can get it at the Fan-ID Registration Centers, by mail, or right at the stadium. Requests for mail delivery of Fan-IDs will only be accepted until late May 2017, because after that date it will be difficult to guarantee that the fan-ID will get to its owner on time.

Fan-IDs can be collected from the Registration Center by the applicant himself by showing his passport or other picture ID, or by the applicant’s proxy. In this case, the proxy has to have a picture ID for him-self, a copy of the applicant’s passport, notarized letter of attorney, a game ticket or a printout with the number of the ticket order.

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