FIFA Fan Fest Press Center
FIFA Fan Fest Press Center

How to get to the FIFA Fan Fest and the infrastructure of the press center

1.     There are three ways to get accreditation as a media:

2.    To be accredited to the FIFA Fan Fest.

In order to obtain additional media accreditation pass for the FIFA Fan Fest it is necessary:

  • apply through a special form for the media in the section "Accreditation"
  • wait for the memo message on the e-mail specified during registration;
  • follow the instructions given in the memo;
  • pick up a ready pass in the accreditation office when presenting a valid passport and a media accreditation.
An additional accreditation pass for the media is valid for all FIFA Fan Fest throughout the tournament.

An application for accreditation of a representative of the media is recommended to be submitted not less than a day before the scheduled visit to the venue.

 3.  Get a ready accreditation pass directly in the FIFA Fan Fest accreditation center.

Working hours of the accreditation center:

From 01.06.2018. to 15.07.2018. the accreditation center will be located on the Fan Fest venue outside the protected perimeter.

Address: 230, Michurina street, Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Leisure

Mayakovsky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is one of the unique green corners in the central part of Ekaterinburg, a popular weekend destination and an official venue of the event.

Working hours:
01.06 - 14.06.18 from 10:00 to 15:00 (local time)
15.06.- 15.07.18 from 12:00 to 20:00 (local time)

 4.      After receiving instructions, it is crucial to apply for priority positions for the cameras.

Submission of applications is carried out only after preliminary accreditation of media to the Fan Fest.

To apply, you need to fill out a form:

Acceptance of applications begins one day before and ends on the day of the specific match at 12.00 local time.

Reception of applications from the media and broadcasters is conducted on slots for the broadcast of individual matches.

Information on the distribution of media and broadcasters on the selected priority positions will be brought to the attention of accredited and timely submitted applications for media coverage in person (via email), and will also be posted on the website of the host city in the media section and at special stands in the open press-center and information stand in the media working area at the FIFA Fan Fest venue.

Contacts: on all questions related to the work of the press center at the Fan Fest venue, please contact:



The transportation of the media to the venue can be carried out both by urban public transport and by private cars, for parking of which there is a platform with a enter from the side of Bazoviy lane through a transport check point with passage of search actions for vehicles. At the transport checkpoint, it will be sufficient to present the accreditation certificate of the FIFA or city press center.




Access to the FAN FEST venue is provided through a separate entrance with the organization of inspection events (G6).

Access through this gate is based on FIFA accreditations or accreditations received in the city's press center.


Platforms for cameras and photographers

There are two platforms with different points of view and overview the main audience area and stage area. Each platform sizes at least 4 x 2 m, with a total capacity of up to 6 cameras with a provided place for correspondents in the frame and 10 photographers to work. Platforms have a fence around the perimeter, and positioned with considerations of the position of the sun at different hours of the shoot.

Positions for cameras on stage

For capturing more emotional close-up views of the audience, which would help to convey the atmosphere at the fan zone, there are 2 different positions for cameras on stage, directed towards the audience area.

Interview zone

The zone for individual interviews at the FFF venue is located in a fenced area and has enough lighting and power. It is equipped with a portable backdrop of at least 3 m width, branded with the host city and the FFF official designs and no commercial logos of other companies.

Broadcasters area

The area allocated to broadcasters at the FFF venue is located within the perimeter of the venue. Broadcasters entrance to the venue is expected to be organized through a designated corridor behind the stage complex.


Working hours:
According to the FIFA Fan Fest Working hours.


Venue Working hours

Game start time

14 June



15 June


17:00  20:00  23:00

16 June


15:00  18:00  21:00

17–24 June


17:00  20:00  23:00

25–28 June


19:00  23:00

29 June

Day Off


30 June


19:00  23:00

1–3 July


19:00  23:00

4–5 July

Days Off


6–7 July


19:00  23:00

8 -9 July

Days Off


10–11 July



12–13 July

Days Off


14 July



15 July




In the press center at the Fan Fest for the convenience of the mass media the following services will be available:

• free Wi-Fi;
• work places (tables and chairs) for 20 media representatives with access to power;
• storage system (12 boxes);
• recreation areas;
• at the counter, according to the schedule of work, an organizers representative will work for processing applications for priority media positions;
• a volunteer, whose functions include providing background information on the work of the fan zone, a schedule of press approaches, etc.

On a separate schedule, before the opening of the fan zone in the period from 1:30 pm, a briefing for the media on the most pressing issues will be held in the interview zone.

Also, journalists will have the opportunity to watch live broadcasts of matches according to the schedule of the standings, attend press conferences and press tours.