News - Dudarenko Anton V. - a representative of the initiative group of young people, which creates a public committee in support of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg
News - Dudarenko Anton V. - a representative of the initiative group of young people, which creates a public committee in support of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg

Dudarenko Anton V. - a representative of the initiative group of young people, which creates a public committee in support of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg

Dudarenko Anton V. - a representative of the initiative group of young people, which creates a public committee in support of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg
Monday, 13 April 2015, 17:07

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An interview made ​​up of customer questions and answers representative of the initiative group of young people, which creates a public committee in support of the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Yekaterinburg, Anton Vadimovich Dudarenko.

Taras Tarasov Anton, what does matter is still not resolved? Is Yekaterinburg has not yet finally chose the venue for the world championship? What's the problem?

Bots Anton: So like everything is already decided, what is the point of support?

Dudarenko AV (Answers Taras Tarasov, and Anton bots): The question is not settled. At Russia's request for holding the World Cup in 2018 there were 13 cities, includingEkaterinburg. However, not all the candidate cities will play World Cup, this right must be earned. List of cities, which will host the championship, will be approved by a special commission further FIFA and the RFU. Today our city has to show that it is 100% ready and will be able to offer the best conditions for the games, and to receive numerous fans.

Sergey: Our city is on the border of Europe and Asia. For Championship, you can build a stadium that one half - in Europe, and the other - in Asia. And playing on two continents. I give the idea)

Dudarenko A .: Thank you for the idea. The proposal is being discussed.

Korneev Vladimir Nikolaevich: Anton V., hello! I read that some of the matches of the World Cup, which will take Russia in 2018, proposed to hold right on the border of two continents - Europe and Asia. Could you announce details of the project: time, cost, and so on?

Dudarenko A .: Indeed, the idea of building a stadium on the border of Europe and Asia has been proposed by different people.Today, this idea is at the stage of stigmatization, so more information on this project will be later.

Katznelson Igor Eduardovich: Our company - LLC "Ecoservice" (Ekaterinburg) produces crumb rubber for filling and covering football fields for sports and playgrounds. At the same time we recycle Scrap tires. Are you interested in this information in the light of the preparation of urban sites for the new season and the football?

Dudarenko A .: I think that this information can be useful to companies engaged in construction and reconstruction of courts and stadiums with artificial turf. For detailed information on plans for the construction of such facilities can be obtained from the Administration of the city of Yekaterinburg.

Ivan: In the World Cup is planned to spend US $ 10 billion (mostly "for the construction of sports facilities and related infrastructure"). With this money you can build 3,000 kindergartens. In Yekaterinburg, all kindergartens - about 20 thousand people. Football - not a necessity as opposed to the education of our children. Is not it better, instead of doubtful "prestige" to spend the money to do the necessary construction of kindergartens ?!

Dudarenko A .: The shortage of places in kindergartens is acute in all Russian cities. However, the pace at which built new and reconstructed old kindergartens in Yekaterinburg, suggests that the time of the World Cup places in kindergartens Ekaterinburg will be enough, even if the fans of the other countries decide to move his family and children to live in our city. In addition, the construction of "associated infrastructure" will be available to all residents, including citizens and small, and it is: convenient public transportation, metro, excellent roads, modern transportation hubs, high-speed rail links and more.

Serebryakov: Worried gardens when planning the demolition of the stadium to "Bolshekonnom." There are many gardens.

Dudarenko A .: It is necessary to treat with understanding the process, it happens all over the world. The development of the city inevitably leads to the fact that there is a need to demolish the old or dilapidated buildings and build new facilities. This problem will be solved in accordance with Russian law.

Makarov Alex S. Anton, but you would be which team has played at the new stadium during the 2018 World Cup?

Dudarenko A .: Unfortunately, my level of play did not reach the level of any of the teams - participants of the World Cup, but, like any young person, I want to enter the field in the form of the national team.

Timkin Vladimirov Anton V. good day! Please tell me whether you support the construction of a new stadium in the area Bolshekonnogo Peninsula? My good friend the architect has a stadium project in the area Uktusskih mountains where full access to all modes of transport and the development of other sports facilities. The project has the signature of Rossel and President of the Olympic Committee Tyagachev. If there is interest, then let us meet?

Dudarenko A .: I support the construction of the stadium in this area. Sites for construction of such facilities identified in the master plan of the city and discussed when considering the strategic development plan. Draft your friend deserves attention, so you need to forward the draft, taking into account the change of location for the consideration of the Administration of the city of Yekaterinburg.

Anton: Good afternoon. I asked this question to the Minister L.Rapoportu, nachgorupravleniya Physical Culture L.Fitinoy, but they had the courage to answer. You're the third.

What distinguishes the exercise of the sport? Which of these is more important for residents? If you remove one of them from any remaining will be of great benefit to residents of the city?

My answer is this: in the broadcast channel "Russia-2" was a video featuring players smokers Russian hockey team. After this, the team at the time of the Russian media announced a boycott. The site of the newspaper "Soviet Sport" May 17, 2010 resulted comments coaches and players in this connection:

"Russia coach Vyacheslav Bykov: I fully trust our guys. They know how to prepare for matches. "

"Striker Alexander Ovechkin: Want - smoke and drink. This is a private matter. And if you start badly to play hockey - this is your problem. "

"Advisor to the coaching staff of the Russian team Boris Mayorov: I do not call the players and their fans to smoke. Of course, ideally, any athlete should limit themselves in smoking and alcohol use. "

"Head coach of Russia Igor Zakharkin: Players have the right to go to restaurants. But smoking and the title of the athlete not comparable. "

"The former head coach of" Severstal "," Salavat Yulaev "," Torpedo "Sergei Mikhalev: Today, 90 percent of smokers teams. In principle, we are always smoking was forbidden and no smoking - officially. And now all you can. "

"Russia captain Ilya Kovalchuk: I do not hide: the best reducing agent after the game, in my opinion, is a couple of beers."

It turns out that sports and consumption of intoxicants - things are absolutely incompatible. Considering that the latter is incompatible with the long-term existence of the indigenous population of Russia, it turns out that the first is not something necessary for its existence.

Also, it is known who are the main sponsors of football games. Sports really became kind of show business, which does not contribute to the physical, mental and moral development of the population (there are exceptions, yes). The Russian population is leading in tobacco dependence of women, children and spirtopotrebleniyu. If spending money on sports helps to reduce these effects, in the cities, where more stadiums and others, must be less than the level of consumption of intoxicants. In reality it is not.The increase in the cost of the sport almost did not correlate with a decrease in the consumption of intoxicants, it is time to admit it.

I conclude that it is useless to spend budget money on sports. This is a private affair of individuals, it does not have social significance, it is objectively necessary to the public area (not to recognize the sports entertainment objectively necessary for the existence of the population).

Physical education - is another matter, it is still possible to discuss-the degree of compatibility of culture, Tobacco and other yadopotrebleniya.

Dudarenko A .: This is not is a debate that is more important than sports or physical training. For the right to host the World Cup is a constant struggle among all the world's leading nations. Russia was selected as a country where the World Cup will be held in 2018. The Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014, the World Cup in 2018 - all this will give a tremendous impetus to the development and sports and physical culture in our country for decades to come.

Ageev Aleksandr Yurevich: Hello, Anton V.! How to contact with you and how to get a part of the initiative group of young people? There are a number of suggestions for you.

Joy Dmitry: Good afternoon, Anton V.. I would like to meet you. Please let us know when you want it?

Dudarenko A .: You can leave your suggestions and coordinates via this website or through the website of the Public Chamber of Yekaterinburg ( Your suggestions will be reviewed and we will contact you.

Ivan S. Koch: Found that support !!! You would do well to pay attention to more interesting topics, the support of the World Cup, or skiing in Yekaterinburg. Much of that was held in Yekaterinburg, did not address the mass. A large number of events, such as a corporate party for special persons, but so that all, no ... Guys, what we talk about, the city is not able today to adopt the 2018 World Cup, it's not that we do not be able to hold it, it will be necessary, make. The organization of the World Cup will be engaged in a specially created committee of the RFU and FIFA and the city then allocated only a small part, ostentatious, if you like: clean streets, elegant houses, the absence of homeless people and other anti-social ... But this city is simply not learned to cope and learn it is diagnosed, the power in the city is not the not creative, not a living, dead or mutated rather conservative. We are aware only of the temple on Blood. If you ask about football in our city, then there just have to blush and shame because FC "Ural" beat like a sheep in the first league and though henna, and so more than a year !!!! It would be logical to include Perm instead of Ekaterinburg. There though FC "Amkar" is known to all !!! And Vitaly Mutko we still communicate, so this way !!! Authorities are proud of the statistics of housing, new roads, and so on, but little about the sport who thinks not, of course, that something is being done, but there are no results. Life has changed, and now the government's actions are to be effective, and not for show. In fact, the city has the best of our city, 100 times or more, where the work is for the good of the city is not a reason to pat what we are good, and the reason to expand the boundaries of comfort, our 50 years is not enough to meet at a decent level FM. .. small example, in the court in 2010, and in the so-called "capital of Urals" are still standing at home, which are more than 50 years, SHAME !!! Moreover, people live in them. With all the visible growth of the economy of the city, and he did not now begun, the authorities did not find the means to wipe out the city a few hundred of these houses, and you on the World Cup, it had to be clearly knowledgeable person to Ekaterinburg included in the application. First, not easily accessible, and secondly, "san gospodnya" on the streets, and, thirdly, the power that sport as to give a damn !!! To you no questions. Only one !!! You are adequate? Really want to Ekaterinburg took the 2018 World Cup matches? Thank You !!!

Dudarenko A .: I really want the World Cup was held in Yekaterinburg. Each idea sure there are people who are strongly opposed, rather, it is not an opinion on a particular issue, but simply a vital position.


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