News - Fan Zone in Ekaterinburg: beautiful football, bright artists, the best fans!
News - Fan Zone in Ekaterinburg: beautiful football, bright artists, the best fans!

Fan Zone in Ekaterinburg: beautiful football, bright artists, the best fans!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 11:48

As early as 15:00 the Colombian supporters were fully prepared and looking forward to watching the broadcast of the match "Colombia - Japan". Some members of the Latin American group present on the fan zone, radiantly danced so that even a few hundred Peruvians fans, who tomorrow will be backing their national team at the "Ekaterinburg Arena", could not sit under the umbrellas of the food court, and followed the move. Cheers from Colombians are always one of the brightest and most cheerful, but luck was on the side of the "blue samurai" from Japan with 2-1 on the scoresheet. The confrontation turned out to be tense, so it was time for a reconciliatory embrace! Two supporters from both teams that had just played, went on the stage and under the approving whirr of the crowd demonstrated that regardless of the outcome of the game, respect for each other is paramount.

Colombians always dance, not just when they win. Therefore, the dancing battle became a logical continuation of the day. The latter took place on the fan zone, with the visitors from Peru, Colombia, Russia, Japan and ... India that stole the show by their wonderful steps and topsy-turvy-hip moves, then each was rewarded with ovations, powerful screams of support and prizes. The dances continued until the emcee announced the start of the second game of the day.

The match "Poland-Senegal" surprised all those present and pleased the fans of the African team. Even though the national team of Poland was considered until the beginning of the encounter as the favorite, the troupes of Aliou Cissé brought the first victory in the tournament, not only to Senegal, but also Africa - 1: 2 final score!

Closer to the main event of the day, "Russia-Egypt", the number of fans in the venue had been increasing rapidly. And if in the afternoon flags and national jerseys of the participating countries had been presented at the Festival in relatively equal proportions, then by the evening Russian tricolors, earflaps and kokoshnik confidently led. Before the start of the live broadcast, the Ural State Academic Russian Folk Choir went onto the stage with their artists wearing staggering national Russian dresses. The dances and "Katyusha", remarkable chants and national dances, then, by 23:00 the enthusiasm and emotional uplift reached its maximum!

For thirty-two years, Russia has not been further than the qualifying rounds of the World Cup. That is why a blizzard of supporters, as one with deafening roars, greeted the goals in the Egyptian net, accompanied with thunderous cheers from the stadium to Denis Cheryshev, Artem Dzyub and Yuri Zhirkov during the substitutions, and sang "Kalinka-Malinka" after the final whistle in ecstasy! Play-offs meet the Russian team!

Today the Festival is waiting for fans from 15:00 until 01:00. Let's see the matches: "Portugal-Morocco", "Uruguay - Saudi Arabia" and "Iran-Spain". And if you are not a football fan, the Fan Fest will become for you a truly fun and summer holiday: team games and contests, children's playground, table football, food court in open air, and interactive game zones!

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FIFA Fan Fest kicked off the Cheerleading weekend
  June 23rd at the FIFA Fan Fest in Ekaterinburg, you could observe an unprecedented bunch of dances, gymnastics and acrobatics. The regional cheerleading festival was launched on the Fan Fest Venue. The organizers of the event were the public organization "Federation of Cheerleading of the Sverdlovsk Region", the all-Russian public organization "Federation of Sports and Cheerleading Federation of Russia" and the host city of the FIFA World Cup - Ekaterinburg.
Sunday, 24 June 2018, 11:43

23rd June – “Changing Day” at the FIFA Fan Fest
Today in Ekaterinburg, the Fan Fest continues its schedule as usual: the gates open to the public at 15:00, and close at 01:00. Every day, a diversified audience gathers in the colors of their national teams near the gates of the venue.
Saturday, 23 June 2018, 11:23

Tears of Peru and Lionel Messi: The Fan Fest Experienced Unprecedented Emotions
June 21st, an hour before the opening of the gate it became clear that the red and white motifs in clothes today would prevail at the Fan Fest venue. Peruvians thoroughly prepared for the support of their team and arrived in time at the Fan Fest.
Friday, 22 June 2018, 11:25

Day of Peruvian culture at the FIFA Fan Fest!
Yesterday’s FIFA Fan Fest could assuredly be called the day of Peruvian salsa, and in general day of Peru in Ekaterinburg - the dwellers of the South American country came to the Fan Fest venue from the opening of the gate and left right after the final whistle of the last match of the day.
Thursday, 21 June 2018, 11:43