News - Tears of Peru and Lionel Messi: The Fan Fest Experienced Unprecedented Emotions
News - Tears of Peru and Lionel Messi: The Fan Fest Experienced Unprecedented Emotions

Tears of Peru and Lionel Messi: The Fan Fest Experienced Unprecedented Emotions

Friday, 22 June 2018, 11:25

June 21st, an hour before the opening of the gate it became clear that the red and white motifs in clothes today would prevail at the Fan Fest venue. Peruvians thoroughly prepared for the support of their team and arrived in time at the Fan Fest.

The day was opened by the dancing orchestra "Ural Band" under the direction of Alexander Pavlov, who sang national songs of France and Peru - The national teams of that day also met at "Ekaterinburg Arena". The present French and Peruvians were pleasantly surprised and sang in unison each composition.

With the arrival of yellow hats and inflatable kangaroos at the Fan Fest venue, the first game of the day began broadcasting. The match "Denmark - Australia" happened to be exciting. The players on the field never gave up, and the result of the meeting - 1: 1, justify the physiognomy the game had.

Around 7:00 PM, the Football Club "Ural FC" arrived at the Fan Fest. On the site, the club's coaches appeared, and gladly taught dribbling, correct reception of the ball, and powerful shots to all the children present in the Fan Fest venue. At the same time, adults with excitement reechoed, often in chorus, the answers to video questions from the players of the football club. The attendant people were particularly amused by the quiz for foreign guests, who tried to guess the correct name of football equipments in Russian. Then, the reserve team of Ural FC went on the scene for a group photo!

Even though on July 21st the Russian football team did not play, many people wanted to watch the broadcast of the match "France-Peru". It is worth noting that for three days Peruvians have stayed in Ekaterinburg, the descendants of Incas with their exceptional patriotism and love of life, made the locals fall in love for them. Is it a wisecrack that more than 20 000 from this South American country came to cheer and support their national team covering a 14,187-km distance? And amid them were young children, and old people, and small-hearted fans. In the end, almost all those present on the Fan Fest chanted "Peru, Peru!" And worried about the outcome of the match as never before. Despite the brave game of the national team of Peru, the team did not give victory to their fans - 1: 0 in favor of France. Sincere tears of red and white will long be remembered both by Ekaterinburg Arena and the FIFA Fan Fest.

Solacing Peruvians and congratulating the French worked via "Neft". The group ignited the crowd, amused the frustrated and made all without exception dance to the incendiary rhythms of Russian music. After, the Fan Fest visitors were waiting for the last, chic, and anticipated game - the match "Argentina - Croatia". The forecasts were different, but nobody expected 0: 3 in favor of Croatia! Messi has not scored a single goal in the opponent's goal since the World Cup has started.

Today the Fan Fest starts as usual with the opening of the gate at 15:00 until 1:00. On the schedule the games between "Brazil - Costa Rica", "Nigeria - Iceland" and "Serbia - Switzerland".

Entrance to the fan zone is free, No ticket and No FAN ID.


Cheerleading weekend at the Fan Fest
A bright Gala concert continued the regional festival cheerleading within the framework of the Fan Fest in Ekaterinburg. Competitions of cheerleading always carry a cheerful and bright atmosphere, and this time the speakers managed to create an indescribable feeling of a double sports festival. 
Monday, 25 June 2018, 11:44

FIFA Fan Fest kicked off the Cheerleading weekend
  June 23rd at the FIFA Fan Fest in Ekaterinburg, you could observe an unprecedented bunch of dances, gymnastics and acrobatics. The regional cheerleading festival was launched on the Fan Fest Venue. The organizers of the event were the public organization "Federation of Cheerleading of the Sverdlovsk Region", the all-Russian public organization "Federation of Sports and Cheerleading Federation of Russia" and the host city of the FIFA World Cup - Ekaterinburg.
Sunday, 24 June 2018, 11:43

23rd June – “Changing Day” at the FIFA Fan Fest
Today in Ekaterinburg, the Fan Fest continues its schedule as usual: the gates open to the public at 15:00, and close at 01:00. Every day, a diversified audience gathers in the colors of their national teams near the gates of the venue.
Saturday, 23 June 2018, 11:23

Day of Peruvian culture at the FIFA Fan Fest!
Yesterday’s FIFA Fan Fest could assuredly be called the day of Peruvian salsa, and in general day of Peru in Ekaterinburg - the dwellers of the South American country came to the Fan Fest venue from the opening of the gate and left right after the final whistle of the last match of the day.
Thursday, 21 June 2018, 11:43