News - The Second Day of Latin American Rhythms at the Fan Fest Venue
News - The Second Day of Latin American Rhythms at the Fan Fest Venue

The Second Day of Latin American Rhythms at the Fan Fest Venue

Monday, 18 June 2018, 11:43

FIFA Fan Fest™ - the best place to watch matches outside the stadium and the most unifying fans and football fans place. Yesterday at the fan zone in Ekaterinburg it was possible to watch exciting matches, dances and team play games!

The second day of the Latina dance weekend was opened by the vice-champions of Russia in Reggaetón. However, at the Festival it is just not enough to watch, but also to dance, reason why the dance number quickly turned into a master class, that could be felt through legs by many, even today! Continuing the theme of the Latin American weekend, the dancers of lindy hop, and solo jazz went onto the stage. Not only did the artists generously share with the audience emotions, but also their dancing skills, because, each of them demonstrated small steps, which everyone could reproduce.

At 17:00 the broadcast of the match "Costa Rica - Serbia" from the stadium "Samara Arena" interrupted the effervescent dances with an exciting game. An equal percentage of possession of the ball by both teams, the Serbs snatched their goal in the 56th minute, final score “0: 1! Next, Serbia flies to Kaliningrad to meet with Switzerland to compete for the chance to leave the group for the first time in their history.

One more time, it was the moment for dancing on the fan zone. This time - bachata and salsa! In rounds, fans present at the venue took part in the usual interactive game aiming at scoring goals with lots of noises, on the interactive screen, then crowd surfing followed, but instead of a person, they were huge balls. Finally, some were awarded prizes from the organizers. Before the beginning of the most expected game of the day, there were friendly embraces from the two camps of fans, who are already getting used to, by even anticipating that moment more than the game itself! Fans of Mexico and Germany in a slow motion under the appropriate musical accompaniment greeted each other before the match of their teams.

And if the entertaining program of the Fan Fest venue happened according to the expected schedule, the live broadcast of the game "Germany-Mexico" surprised more than one without exception. The first sensation of the Championship - 0: 1 in favor of the descendants of the Aztecs! Glee Mexicans, who by the way, were the most vivid and emotional fans yesterday, they give it all without restraint.

Such a sudden victory was continued by the same unexpected program - over a hundred dancers came to the fan zone to arrange a grandiose flash mob of Salsa Rueda! Joined a little later to the mass dance "Salmoscuba”, which won the hearts of all those present. The embodiment of energy and passion, a bright Cuban musical show of 45 minutes did not let the dancers and spectators the time to recover from their emotions!

The last match of the day yet again surprised the fans. The main favorite of the tournament Brazil and the mysterious team of Switzerland drew 1-1 at the stadium "Rostov-Arena".

On June 18th on the fan zone from 15:00 to 1:00, broadcasted matches between Sweden and South Korea, Belgium and Panama, Tunisia and England will be shown on screen. During breaks, it will be possible to see on the huge screen the work of the directors of the World Street Cinema Festival. Free admission!


23rd June – “Changing Day” at the FIFA Fan Fest
Today in Ekaterinburg, the Fan Fest continues its schedule as usual: the gates open to the public at 15:00, and close at 01:00. Every day, a diversified audience gathers in the colors of their national teams near the gates of the venue.
Saturday, 23 June 2018, 11:23

Tears of Peru and Lionel Messi: The Fan Fest Experienced Unprecedented Emotions
June 21st, an hour before the opening of the gate it became clear that the red and white motifs in clothes today would prevail at the Fan Fest venue. Peruvians thoroughly prepared for the support of their team and arrived in time at the Fan Fest.
Friday, 22 June 2018, 11:25

Day of Peruvian culture at the FIFA Fan Fest!
Yesterday’s FIFA Fan Fest could assuredly be called the day of Peruvian salsa, and in general day of Peru in Ekaterinburg - the dwellers of the South American country came to the Fan Fest venue from the opening of the gate and left right after the final whistle of the last match of the day.
Thursday, 21 June 2018, 11:43

Fan Zone in Ekaterinburg: beautiful football, bright artists, the best fans!
Yesterday, the Fan Fest experienced the awaited inrush of fans from all over the city, region, country and the world! During the whole day, guests of the festival were pleased with a lively entertainment program and beautiful football.
Wednesday, 20 June 2018, 11:48