General Information


Approved venue for FIFA fans Festival in Ekaterinburg in 2018 is the Mayakovsky Central Park of Entertainment and Culture.

In 2014, the Mayakovsky Central Park has been used successfully for the International FIFA 2018 Fan Festival. For a month the work was shown in 15 matches, fan zones event attended by 25,000 people. 15 matches were shown and 25 000 people visited events of the fan zone during one month.

Fan zone for The FIFA 2018 Fan Festival will be set on an area of 2 hectares, where a complex scene with a huge screen, food and trade areas, sanitary areas will be placed. Special stands will be equipped for the physically challenged citizens.

Within the framework of the existing road and path network will be expanded to the preparations for The FIFA 2018 Fan Festival in the park.

Site preparation for The FIFA 2018 Fan Festival will create a landscaped area for cultural events. Each year, the park hosts over 100 events, and it is crucial to fit any project into the concept of the comprehensive reconstruction of Central Park.

The platform will work 25 days during the Championships from June 14 to July 15, 2018. One-time capacity will be 17 000 people.

The Concept

The FIFA Fan Festival is an official site of public viewing of the FIFA matches. It provides an opportunity to plunge into the unique atmosphere of football festival by watching the live broadcast of the best teams in the world in a safe place together with passionate football fans from around the world for those who could not get on the stadium.Read more


The Central Park

In 2018, the Mayakovsky Central Park of Entertainment and Culture — remarkable green nook in the center of Ekaterinburg — will serve as an area for the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Ekaterinburg.Read more


FIFA fan Festival’s program

The 2018 FIFA fan Festival’s program is in development and will be available in May 2018.


Ambassadors of the host city

  • Oleg Shatov, a player on the Russian national football team

    Football - one of the most popular and spectacular sport not only in our country but around the world. 2018 World Cup will give a great impulse to the development of football in Russia in general and in the Sverdlovsk region, in particular. I am sure that the matches will increase the interest in the sport, and hundreds of boys, and maybe girls would come in the sections and football stadiums. This means that we will have new champions, who will surely praise the Middle Urals and the entire country, they will become the new heroes that we can be proud of.

  • Alexander Pantykin, composer, playwright

    I hope that in 2018 all the players and fans will have a grand celebration - celebration of football passion and great sport. I am sure that our musical that is dedicated to the legendary Russian football player Lev Yashin will add bright colours and will be a memorable finale in a series of World Cup events. Football and music are united.

  • Pavel Datsyuk, 2012 IIHF World Championship Champion, two-time Stanley Cup Champion

    At the heart of any winning is always a dream. Everyone has his own dream, even the cities and countries. We dreamed to host the World Cup in Russia - and now 11 cities in our country, including Ekaterinburg, preparing to conduct the matches. This is a truly remarkable historical event, which everyone is waiting for with anticipation. And I wish that in 2018 the dream of all Russian fans will become true and our National team will achieve the victory in the World Cup.

  • Vyacheslav Butusov, rock musician, leader of the group, "the Nautilus Pompilius" and "U-Piter"

    There is a huge honor and responsibility on the shoulders of our country to host the World Cup in 2018. I am confident that this event will bring us altogether and give a lot of joy to fans and football fans and will be beneficial to Ekaterinburg. Our city has already declared itself as one of the cultural capitals of the country. Now is the time to show its sporting qualities and to hold the World Cup matches at the highest level.

  • Anton Shipulin, Olympic Games champion in biathlon

    FIFA World Cup™ - it's a great event not only for Ekaterinburg, but also for the whole Russia. I am very glad that I have entrusted the important mission - to become the ambassador of the World Cup. I have not been so close to this sport, like skiing and biathlon, but for me it is a very great honor to represent our glorious city of Ekaterinburg. I will do my best to carry it with great pride and joy.

  • Sergey Karyakin, master of sports of the international class, winner of the 2017 Dakar rally in the Quad category

    Holding of such an event as the World Cup in our country and my native city is a great sporting moment and I am very glad to be a part of it. I am sure that everything will be at a professional level! I wish our team success, and fans to have unforgettable memories.

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