The venue of the FIFA Fan Fest
The venue of the FIFA Fan Fest



In 2018, the Mayakovskiy Central Park of Culture and Leisure — remarkable green nook in the center of Ekaterinburg — will serve as an area for the FIFA Fan Fest™ in Ekaterinburg.


The Central entrance in the Mayakovskiy Central ParkPhoto by A. Marushin

The Mayakovskiy Central Park is the most visited and spacious one among other city parks in Ekaterinburg. It occupies an area of about 100 hectares, and since 1980s, is a traditional site to hold city holidays and mass festive gatherings. A great number of services to organize leisure, amusements and active rest are provided on the park's territory. More than 50 side-shows are placed here.

Celebration of Shrovetide in the Mayakovskiy Central Park. Photo by E. Lyalin

As long ago as 19th century there were merchants' summer cottages on the place of the present-day park. Nearby was located Meshchanskaya Roshcha (grove), usual area for holding various people merry-making. In the summer of 1934, the Sverdlovsk Park of Culture and Leisure opened on that territory. And in the same year, in connection with the 40th birthday of poet Vladimir Mayakovskiy, it got his name. Originally, the Mayakovskiy Central Park was simply a forest-park: one would walk there, take a rest in open air, and in winter would ski. Among the sights there were only a small pond, veranda for dancing with summer stage, and three side-shows. In 1936, cinema and summer circus opened in the park.


Central path in the Mayakovskiy Central Park. Photo by V. Kon'shin

After 1950 the Mayakovskiy Central Park changed greatly: its central path was shifted to the left, an arch for the central entrance and an administration building were built. A sculpture of Vladimir Mayakovskiy was erected in the park; the cinema, closed in the war-time, had been renewed; a children's railroad was launched. Later, near the park's central entrance, a planetarium opened (at present, it is not working). The Mayakovskiy Central Park of Culture and Leisure has become one of the leading parks in Russia.

Traditional Sabantuy (sowing celebration) in the Mayakovskiy Central Park. Photo by T. Nasibullin

In the beginning of the 21th century the park acquired some new sights and became a place for holding international cultural events. In summer of 2006, in the open air, an international festival of garden and park sculpture was held here for the first time. The works of its thirteen winners beautified the park's central path. In the same year, the first color-and-music fountain "Constellation" opened, for which there are no analogs in the Ural region. A petting zoo was created for nature-lovers. In winter, an ice-hill and a skating rink are available. Ski paths are made in the park's forest part.

The Europe Days in Ekaterinburg. Photo by A. Khranovskaya

In 2013 the park was one of the main fields for the popular Europe Days international festival. Besides, it is the place for holding guest performances of entertainment stars and traditional city holidays. Every year, over 2.5 million Ekaterinburg citizens and guests of the Ural capital visit the Mayakovskiy Central Park.

Unveiling of the Football monument in the Mayakovskiy Central Park. Photo by E. Chagaev

In 2014, it was just the Mayakovskiy Central Park to host the International FIFA Fan Fest™ during the World Football Cup in Brazil. The visitors found there not only live translations of football matches, but as well rich entertainment show, in which 13 professional showmen, 30 pop groups, 7 dancing groups, more than 80 specialties, 15 stand-up comic actors, 6 teams of KVN club (Club of the Funny and Inventive People), more than 155 athletes, and also models, DJs, artists and other actors participated. Moreover, an avocational football tournament was held on the field of the festival, with participation of 68 teams. And 196 matches were held then.

During the month of the 2014 International FIFA Fan Fest™ in Ekaterinburg, 15 matches were presented; and 25,000 people visited the events of the Fan Zone.


The International FIFA Fan Fest™ in Ekaterinburg. Photo by T. Nasibullin

3D-promo venue of the FIFA Fan Fest™ 2018 in Ekaterinburg

The fan zone project for the 2018 FIFA Fan Fest provides an area of more than 2 hectares, where a stage complex with a huge screen, food and trade zones, and sanitary zones will be located. A special rostrum for the less mobile citizens will be equipped. 
As part of the preparations for the FIFA Fan Fest, the existing road and track network will be expanded in the park.

Preparing the FIFA Fan Fest venue will create a well-equipped zone for cultural events. Every year more than 100 events are held in the park, and the placement of this venue on its territory fits seamlessly into the concept of the complex reconstruction of the Central Park of Culture and Sports.

The venue will work 25 days during the Championship, from June 14 to July 15, 2018. The one-time capacity is 17,000 people.



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