Rules of the pass to the FIFA Fan Fest
Rules of the pass to the FIFA Fan Fest


Spectators are prohibited from carrying or using at the Fan Fest the following articles:

  • Explosives, explosive devices and objects filled with them
  • Flammable and pyrotechnic substances or products
  • Weapons of any type, including self-defence, ammunition or parts of firearms
  • Stabbing or cutting objects, knives, and other edged weapons
  • Compressed and liquefied gases
  • Flammable and combustible liquids, combustible gases
  • Toxic, poisonous or acutely smelling substances
  • Flammable solid
  • Oxidizing agents and organic peroxides
  • Toxic substances, radioactive materials, corrosive substances
  • Other substances, products, items, including homemade products, the use of which can lead to smoke, ignition
  • Devices and products, including homemade production, which are not pyrotechnics, used for spreading, spraying of various materials and substances (pneumatic bladders)
  • Medicines more than 1 pack more than 7 various names (in any form (including aerosols, drops, syringes, etc.) in factory packing) and means of medical appointment
    EXCEPT medicines in the volumes provided by the recipe of the doctor, at presentation of such recipe or its copy (the document in Russian or English)
    EXCEPT means of medical appointment (the medical equipment, expendables and medicines) according to the legislation of the Russian Federation
  • Narcotic, psychotropic and toxic substances and their precursors, including in the form of medicines
  • Aerosol cans
  • Working tools
  • Glass containers and bottles
  • Liquids in containers exceeding 100 ml.
  • Thermoses and flasks
  • Food and beverages (including alcoholic). EXCEPT for baby food
  • Any animals (except guide dogs)
  • Scooters not intended for transportation of people with limited mobility
  • Sports equipment, including bicycles, rollers, skates and scooters
  • Radio-electronic means and high frequency devices
  • Television and telecommunication equipment
  • Tripods for photo and video equipment (with three supports (tripod) and one support (monopod)
  • Extremist, abusive or discriminatory material
  • Flags and banners larger than 2×1.5 m.
  • Promotional materials of any kind
  • Items with trademarks or other types of advertising signs or information
  • Musical instruments and wind instruments for extracting sounds (including vuvuzelas)
  • Technical means to prevent the event or to cause inconvenience to the participants (laser devices, lights), radio stations, sound amplification means
  • Moving and planning aircraft and their models (gliders, drones, kites, etc.)
  • Bulky items, the sum of three measurements of length, width and height exceeds 75 cm.
  • Folding chairs or benches
  • Flag poles for flags or posters of any type
  • Helmets, as well as any other means of disguise or objects specifically designed to make it difficult to identify
  • Body protection: body armor vests, body protection products used for martial arts and extreme sports, or corsets
  • Paper rolls or paper in packs
  • Umbrellas with a height above 25 cm in the closed state
  • Devices used for recording, transmission, streaming, downloading, posting on the Internet or other distribution of sound, video or photographic images, descriptions, data, results of the match, if these actions are carried out for commercial purposes
  • Colouring agents (except cosmetic products for personal use, objects for makeup)
  • Any friable substance regardless of the amount, except for drugs in accordance with sub.13 and 14 of this li list
  • Hygienic kit

For spectators during the entire period of the Fan Fest, it is forbidden:

  • Violate the access control regime on the territory of the Fan Fest
  • To penetrate the territory of the Fan Fest or the territory adjacent to it (technical rooms, VIP zones, media center), and to areas restricted by the Fan Fest Organizers
  • Insult other persons, including using banners, posters and other means of visual agitation and commit other acts that discredit honor, dignity or business reputation
  • To carry out actions that create a threat to their own safety, life, health, as well as safety, life, health of other persons
  • Perform actions that can distract spectators from holding the Fan Fest
  • To take part in any actions that may pose a threat to the safety and reputation of the Fan Fest
  • Smoke in any area of the Fan Fest, except for specially designated areas for smoking outdoors, if such zones exist
  • Violate the requirements of fire prevention rules in the Russian Federation
  • To put inscriptions and drawings on signage, structures, surfaces located on the territory of the Fan Fest, post ads, posters, stickers and other products of advertising and / or information content
  • Climb on the fences, lighting devices, towers, load-bearing structures, trees located on the territory of the Festival
  • Violate the functioning of the Fan Fest support systems
  • To interfere with traffic flow on stairs, as well as in any other zones
  • To be on the stage, as well as on adjacent squares
  • To hold public events not provided by the Regulations for the conduct of the Fan Fest, or contrary to Russian law
  • Distribute flyers, booklets and publications, promotional materials and clothing, other types of advertising and campaigning activities
  • To build fire, to launch pyrotechnic products on the territory of the Festival and (or) on the adjacent territory;
  • To carry out actions that lead to the emergence of a crowd, the risk of a crush and other violations of public order and public safety
  • To harm green plantations, objects of cultural and natural heritage, or violate the established requirements for territories with special conditions of use
  • Unauthorized removal, intentional spoilage, arson and / or overturning of waste storage containers;
  • Make unauthorized dismantling, transfer and vandalism, as well as cause other damage, in relation to any signposts at the Festival
  • Show inscriptions on any signboards, signs and banners without the written approval of the Organizer
  • Express any messages of a political or ideological nature
  • Fix flags and banners to the surfaces of buildings and structures on the territory of the Fan Fest, except for cases agreed upon by the Organizers of the Festival
  • Violate public morals and standards of conduct by exposing intimate parts of the body while staying on the territory of the Fan Fest during the Festival
  • Throw objects on the stage and in the direction of other viewers, participants of the Festival
  • Hide face, including using masks
  • Use devices that generate noise
  • Use personal wireless access points and 3G / 4G wireless routers, including the use of smartphones and PC tablets in the mode of a Wi-Fi hotspot
  • To demonstrate distinct brands and trademarks of legal entities and individuals for advertising purposes;
  • To sell goods and conduct any commercial activity
  • Unauthorized requests for donations in monetary terms or in the form of goods
  • To sell items classified as prohibited in accordance with the Behavior Rules
  • Distribute and use narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances


Spectators during the whole period of staying at the Fan Fest must:

  • Do not offend, do not carry out actions that endanger safety, life and health, do not interfere with the stay of other spectators and / or accredited persons during their stay on the territory of the Fan Fest
  • Go to the Fan Fest only through the appropriate entrances
  • At the entrance or passage to the Fan Fest and (or) on the adjacent territory to undergo a personal inspection and provide for inspection personal belongings
  • At the entrance or passage to the Fan Fest and (or) on the adjacent territory, present to the responsible employees access documents in accordance with the Behavior Rules
  • To hand over to the luggage room bulky and other things forbidden to carry to the territory of the Fan Fest;
  • While staying at the Fan Fest, behave in an orderly manner and keep the requirements established by the Behavior Rules
  • Do not cause property damage to spectators, participants of the Fan Fest, property owners and persons providing protection of public order and public safety
  • Behave respectfully in relation to other spectators, organizers and participants of the Fan Fest, and persons providing protection of public order and public safety
  • Promptly inform the Festival Organizers and other persons responsible for ensuring public order about cases of detection of suspicious objects, violation of public order, smoke or fire, the need for medical assistance;
  • To fulfill the legitimate demands of representatives of the Festival Organizers, stewards and other persons providing public order and public safety
  • When receiving information about evacuation from the territory of the Fan Fest, act in accordance with the instructions of the authorized persons of the Festival Organizers, in accordance with the fire safety rules and approved evacuation plans, keeping calm and not creating panic