Volunteers are an integral part of any world-class
sporting event organizers team

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Ekaterinburg is going to welcome guests from all over the world in 2018. A special role is in the creation of the unique atmosphere of the Ural hospitality and assistance in football activities of FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is given to a high level to volunteers.

It is planned that in the preparation and conduct of the Championship events in Ekaterinburg will be attended by more than 700 volunteers on the program "City Volunteers" and more than 1,300 volunteers for the program "Volunteers Organizing Committee."

Become a part of the team! Join the volunteer team!

History of volunteering

The volunteering traditions — activities for the sake of public good, helping other people, and implementing significant projects — exist in Russia since ancient times. Nowadays, the volunteer associations all over the country actively take part in preparing and holding the most important social, cultural, and sporting events.full article


How to be a volunteer

To organize a championship, several thousands of volunteers will be needed. They will meet sportsmen and guests of the event in airports and railway stations, will be engaged in work at stadiums, as well as in museums, and many other important places.full article


Why volunteering is so important for me?

  • Darya Terekhova

    "Volunteering for me is an opportunity to try some new occupation, find new friends and get new emotions".

  • Alena Stolyarova

    " It was gratifying to know that I was only a small particle of that great business, a particle which nevertheless got one of the biggest roles to represent Russia and Olympic Games to the world worthily!"

  • Elena Genergard

    "For me it is an opportunity to develop my skills and abilities, to get new experience, self-reliance, and establish occupational contacts. In taking part in the projects, I feel my importance and that someone needs me".

  • Alexander Shchapov

    "Everyone makes his own choice about why they become a volunteer. One for traveling, another to find new friends (and not only Russian-speaking), and a third would even find his or her another half! The Volunteers Ural gave me a chance to develop: to discover new qualities in myself, to get communicative abilities without which there is nothing for everyone to do in the modern world".